Sunday, February 27, 2011

500 Days Of Summer: Do you believe in fate? ♥

I was so touched when I watched 500 Days Of Summer even though Tom and Summer didn't made it til the end :)

I feel so sad about what happened in this movie especially for Tom who didn't clearly understand why Summer broke up with him and the times when his mind trail back to the times when he was with her.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom Hansen. Not much of a handsome guy but very good in acting. Heart-felt!

Zooey Deschannel as Summer Finn. So cute here! Love her!

She looks like Katy Perry!

The two of them have had been to plenty of movies and yes, they're very good. 500 Days of Summer really deserved that standing ovation in the 2009 Sundance Festival.

Things I've learned from this movie:
1) Don't get sucked up when someone left you (like what happened with Tom). Instead, fulfill the dreams that person taught you so that one day when you see each other again, he/she will be proud of you.
2) Don't ever say that you'll never be in love (like what happened to Summer)
3) Explain why you broke up with him (don't be like Summer! hahaha)
4) Never disregard the belief of FATE because no matter how heartbroken you are, someone will come like when Tom met Autumn in the end :)

So, i do hope you have watched this movie because you'll surely learn a lot! <3

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