Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last Song Syndrome.

It's probably weird how I experience Last Song Syndrome, or what people commonly call "LSS". Everyday that i wake up in the morning i always want to listen to this song:

Need You Now. This is a GLEE version, performed by Mark Salling(Puck) and Lea Michele(Rachel). It was to be shown on February 6 right after the Super Bowl :)
As i was saying, this is the song that i'm very involved with this past few weeks. I dunno why. But it's maybe about the feeling it gives me. The two of them sang this sweetly. Rachel's voice here is so enticing that i consider this one of her best cover. And Puck's voice is in-tune with her voice that i consider them being quite a couple in the show. Although, i'm a Finchel fan.

"Yes, i'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all." This one's my favorite line actually, i think it's what i'm missing for almost seven months now. I miss feeling hurt. I miss having to experience those painful times when i would see someone walk away from me. But I think I realized, that was long gone and i have to enjoy being numb sometimes. Besides, i'm apparently inspired because of someone else. So, i guess, i'll stick to that.

Oooooh, before i forgot... Here's a preview of Puckleberry's performance of Need You Now:

They're so sweet in here. Though, Rachel is singing this for Finn, i think. Hahaha. Btw, look at Rachel's while singing the line: "Picture perfect memories, scattered all round the floor" I really loved that one! 

Enjoy! xo

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