Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's Saturday evening. Three minutes more and it's Sunday. Yep, i'm blogging my first blog. Hahaha. Well, the whole night i was reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix :p

You probably wonder why it's just now that I'm reading the fifth installment. Well, i didn't got the chance to buy it. And i'm a Harry-Cho fan so i wanna know what more happened to them in the book compared to what is in the movie. Anyway, Thanks, Meanne, for lending this book. I haven't finished it yet.

Due to my boredom and all, i experimented on my hair. I think i'm planning to cut my bangs but i changed my mind and just clipped it. After i looked in the mirror, i thought it was good so, i took pictures...

And the result of my entire craziness. Hahaha. My brother says i look beautiful here. I doubt that. I'm never an optimist, you know? Mostly, i look down on my self.

And talking about interference.. here's my brother, Jose Mari with a pose we called, "PAMBANSANG POSE NG PILIPINAS" Well, almost all Filipinos loved using this one.

Apparently, i got aware that there might be somebody who thinks i'm a narciss... so if you look this one on my Facebook, i captioned it "Oh no! I can't be narcissistic!"
I got tired of taking pictures so i've decided to make this one, my goodnight picture.

That's it! Goodnight everyone! xo

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