Friday, February 25, 2011

Florante at Laura

Fourth quarter is always the busiest and stressful part of high school. Instead of just reviewing for our examinations, we've got loads of projects to submit. And the hardest of them all is our Filipino project.

We have to write it's summary using Tungol's version of Florante at Laura. Then, using Monleon's version, we have to get five examples each for the given five types of tayutay (figures of speech). And we have to write down ONE-HUNDRED words with their conotative and denotative meaning. And remember, it was all to be HAND-written.

I found this project a bit boring since I have to copy it all down. But what else to do? Do as what you are told to get what you want. Well, alrighty, instead of blabbing about it, I just need to focus and finish it.

As what Czam says: GO, ME! :D :D

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