Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Days

Dearest Blog,

You know very well how much I value and love you. You're like my biggest pride ever. I'm very sorry for neglecting you these past three weeks. I'm so busy in school and I barely touch the keyboard.


Hello everyone! Updating my page for some school bits for the first two weeks of June. I wanna start with our complicated schedule (as if it's on a relationship):

Good thing is we won't have to wake up too early unlike our 6:30 schedule last year. As you can see, our lunch break is at 9:45 which means we have to eat a lot so we we wouldn't starve until 6pm. I was complaining really hard on the first day but I got over it.

I just can't believe that time slipped so fast, we're now on Third Year. When I got to school on the morning of June 7, I first saw my guy classmates and I'm looking at their blue seals thinking, "Wow! Everyone's growing and soon we'll be graduating." Enough of that graduation issues. Let's move on to our first day.

That was me and Jueann. Ok, so I think I was getting too angry with our schedule that's why I look like that. Our first subject for the day is Math but our adviser was absent because it's her birthday (which we only discovered three days later). Belated Happy Birthday Ma'am Verayin!

Jemma, Shiela and Princess Eli
Our new classmates, Nicole :)
Ara and Linette

Joyce Mae and Hilary
Nikko, Cristel and I have no idea who was that! haha
Chugs Chugs :)

BAYANIIIII!!! This is for Paui. Yay!
One thing you really like when you're on the first day of school is to see your crush. So, I saw him that day but that's another kilig story.

We don't own any key that day so we waited for somebody to open it. As usual, when you're like me and you're not doing anything, there are only two things you'd prefer to do: read a novel (if you're a reader) or chat and chat and chat until you drop with your classmates. 

Ma'am Alvarez arrived and we finally got inside our room. Yay!

There are a lot of stories about DOST but if you chose not to listen to it, you wouldn't be afraid to have classes inside that room for the whole day. Maybe that's why we still enjoy our day even if we're too far away from our Co-Junior ESEPs. And maybe, because of my classmates, I don't get too "friend-sick" for B'anne and Aline and Jaiyo and Erica and Kaeremon and my other friends on the other sections.

Spider on DOST!
First days weren't that eventful, you know. I guess every year, the middle parts are always the best. No matter how hard this year will be, I know we, The ESEP Juniors Batch 2011-2012 will leave a history.

Photo of the Day!!

Once again, thank you to Paul Ydnar Julo for these photos :)

More school updates coming up!


  1. nice! :))
    but I hate the picture where I was in the background!!! I didn't even know someone took a picture!! arg!! >.<

  2. @Aline: heehee :p
    @Dawn: Blame Paul for that! haha