Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Miss A Lot of People

I was under the impression that we'll still be going to and from classrooms after every subject but like elementary students, we're stucked inside a room for the whole day :(

Not that I'm complaining. But when you got used AND enjoyed into something, it's really hard to let that go. What I miss are my friends who're on the other ESEP sections. All ESEP sections were supposed to be intact Main Bldg but that didn't happen, I don't know why. And they're like near MB and we're in DOST.

I miss my bestfriend, Aline whom I'm always talking to every recess. We have different lunch times and out so we didn't get to see each other even for a Hi-Hello eveyday.

I miss B'anne. It's so depressing being without her. Jue, Jazz and Adrian misses her as well. Our everyday speech are "Nakakamiss naman si B'anne.", "Miss ko na si B'anne." and the like.

I miss Jaiyo. He's a super serious person but he's warm to talk to.

I miss Kaeremon. I'm always laughing whenever I talk to him.

I miss Erica. At least I saw her yesterday :)

Most of all, I miss MLR.

I don't know If I'll ever adjust with this situation but I guess have too. But I know deep inside that even if I'm quite happy with the friends I have today, I'll still feel the missing parts of my life. I'm hoping so much to catch up with them sometime. I MUST!

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