Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Harry Potter: New Gens

So I've dig in Harry Potter Wikia to see the children we're all expecting for the epilogue. I've seen pictures of the boys but both girls-- Rose Weasley and Lily Potter -- were TBA (does that mean To Be Announced?). Anyways, the boys are so cute I would've wanted a new Rowling series. haha

Ted Lupin (Luke Newberry) I haven't read any descriptions of him in the book but I think this guy will suite perfectly for the character. As far as I know, he's snogging her girlfriend so the looks are appropriate for a charismatic guy like that. hehe

Scorpius Malfoy (Bertie Gilbert) All I can say is, he's as hot as his father. He's like the little version of Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton), only he's cuter.

Hugo Weasley (Ryan Turner) Flaming red hair and freckles. Exactly! Like his father, he has that innocent smile in him that makes him even more adorable.

James Potter II (Will Dunn) For a cocky brother who likes to tease the younger ones, he's very suitable. haha. I think he looks more like Ginny than Harry.

Albus Potter (Arthur Bowen) Ok, so he's like my crush on the film because he's like the small version of Daniel Radcliffe himself. What more if he wore eyeglasses? Super adorable!

I hope they'd pick a very Ginny-look alike for Lily Potter and a beautiful girl for Rose Weasley. But the film has never fail to follow the description given by the books, right? I wonder how they would look like when I see them, I mean the Potter family... So it's forty-four days until the phenomenal finale. Better be ready, July 15!

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