Saturday, June 18, 2011

Next 2 You

I heard this song a long time ago and thought it was a really nice song. Honestly, Chris Brown is one of my favorite RnB singer and adding Justin Bieber up to his songs made it even pretty amazing. Justin's voice has matured, like a man. And his hair is even better today. I really love him.

So to say, the music video is VERY suitable for the song. I like it when the MVs are in tune with the music because I can understand and feel it better that way. I'm quite teary, fyi. Especially when Chris' girlfriend in the video was bumped by the car and said "i love you" Eeeeh! Sucker for love talaga.

For the Justin and her girlfriend part... I'M SO KILIG! Now, I was thinking how would it feels like to have a boyfriend like Justin in a way that you both are living a normal life and not under the spotlight of Hollywood and fans. The kiss was even better :) Yay! It's so sincere and I can feel the love even if the blonde is not really his girlfriend.

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