Friday, July 15, 2011

Special A

You've probably encountered this three years ago in TV 5? It's shown every 7pm in the evening and there's a two hour replay every Saturday/Sunday after Lipgloss.

Episode 1 Part 1

Special A is a Japanese manga turned TV anime and was aired on Japan last 2008. Luckily, the newly opened channel TV5 at 2009 got this show and when I've first watched I haven't stopped since. Apparently, this kind of story is very cliche but the humor and kilig effect of the show made it even adorable.

Special A is about seven students who are in a special class. They have super extraordinary thinking skill and abilities. They're actually ALMOST perfect. Hikari Hanazono has always been top two ever since she studied at that school which made her big rivals with  Kei Takishima.

Meet the TOP 7!

Ryuu Tsuji is the seventh amongst the seven. He's the one in charge of twins, Megumi and Jun that's why he can't concentrate that much in his study. So, during examinations, he tend to worry more about the twins than his own. He's an animal lover and can tame even the wildest one! (See what I mean about super extraordinary now?)

Akira Toudou is the sixth place and I actually thought she's a lesbian since she's very protective of Hikari when it comes to boys. She likes having tea. Akira also constantly beats Tadashi until she realized she's in love with him :) Sweet!

Tadashi Karino is the 5th place. He's the "loner" among the seven. He likes to do things alone and travel alone. He also loves eating sweets especially the ones made by Akira. I think he's in love with him ever since but he just doesn't know how to tell her.

Megumi Yamamoto. She's the 4th palce and actually everyone among my classmate in elementary loves her character the most. Maybe because she carries around the board and uses it as her form of communication. I don't actually know why she's like that but Yahiro (an old friend of Akira's) made her fall out of it. When she sings, a lot of people are getting mesmerized.

Jun Yamamoto, the 3rd place and Magumi's twin. He's just like her sister but he talks with others although he's shy and mostly refrain from arguing with anyone. I can't remember how that was but he's got a split personality that turns him playboy-like and makes girls head over heels charmed with him. He ended up with Sakura who was once in love with Kei!

Kei Takishima is the top one in the school. Ok, so I have to admit that he's really my crush. haha! He can always win anything without even trying to give much effort. He's in love with Hikari ever since they were kids. And above all, he's super cool! But, most of the time he turns disoriented whenever Hikari is in trouble.

Hikari Hanazono is the 2nd placer in the school and the main protagonist of the show. Kei beat her during a pro-wrestling competition when they were kids, since then she treated him as her ultimate rival. He hasn't called Kei in his first name but rather called him "Takishima". Prior to this, she's restraining herself from falling in love with him because she thinks it will only make woman weak. My favorite part of the show was when Kei was asking her a lot of questions that has the answer with a "k" sound in it. But when he asked what his first name is, she can't pronounce it properly.

I thought of writing this blog because of my Chemistry teacher's quote earlier: "Hindi lang umiikot ang kaligayahan ng isang babae sa isang lalaki." haha. Although I agreed on that, I just thought that when it's really time for you to fall in love, you can can't resist it.

So for the readers (readers?) who read my blog, you should watch this anime to learn something in life especially when you're a teen struggling between pride and love like Hikari. I don't know if it's still airing on TV5 since I heard it was being replayed but nevertheless, you can easily watch it on YouTube.

Nonsense fact: I named my teddy rabbit Yapee based on the name of the famous stuffed toy in this show. #lalang

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