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I've always felt special because Harry Potter is always shown every July and always a few days away before my birthday which is July 18. When I was young, I only watch it because I thought Harry, Ron and Hermione are cute. In elementary, I became super die hard for this movie even if I haven't read the books. Just when I was in first year, when I got interested with reading books... I realized how serious the story is and just then I started to take it very seriously.

So today right after our practice Carlo, Joshua, Aline and I decided to watch it. Actually, Aline wasn't able to go with us because she needs to go with her family first. But all three of them treated me and I was able to watch it immediately. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Thanks to the three of them. hehe.

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As for the movie. Ok, IT IS GREAT! No other words can ever describe it. I love how they made changes and how heart-racing every moment was. I'm hardly sitting comfortably on my chair! The Snape Story and the Resurrection Stone part made me cry the most. I actually thought I'd cry through the whole movie but no. Simply because even if it's a very serious situation, they can still crack jokes. The best part was Neville's moment. Now I know why he was trending yesterday. WATCH THE MOVIE and see for yourself!

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At ang gwapo ni ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER! (even if he's kind of sniffing while talking)
Arthur Bowen as Albus Severus Potter
We're planning to watch it again next week and it's me who'll pay naman. haha! Oh well, I don't mind doing so... thanks to them I've got to watch it immediately <3

Harry Potter is truly the movie of the century. Yes, it's got haters but a lot of people love it. It's undeniably part of everyone's childhood and even those who haven't watch a single movie of it knows what Harry Potter is when they heard other people say it. Although I won't have another anticipated movie next year for my birthday, I'll always celebrate July as the my Harry Potter month.

"Help will always come to Hogwarts to those who deserve it." -Albus Dumbledore

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Three words to describe Harry Potter 7 Part 2: EPIC.MAGICAL.PHENOMENAL.

P.S: The Ron and Hermione kiss was the best kiss ever!

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